Celebrating KMH’s 6th Birthday!

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Back in 2009, I had no idea what the future held for KMH – the business and the person (a.k.a. me). I knew I was compelled to explore my passion… I knew I was determined to see what could become of all the technical skills I had acquired from photo school and 10 years of image-making experience… and I knew there was only room for growth. I decided to form an official business, throw caution (along with money, blood, sweat and tears) to the wind and see what this photo biz was all about!

Along the way, I kept reading about people who decided to form their own businesses and after the first year they were wildly successful and financially stable. Well, it wasn’t quite that easy for me. From the get-go I knew what I didn’t want: negativity, over-competition, cutthroat sales tactics… I didn’t want anything that wasn’t me. If I was going to form my own business worth keeping, I was going to work the way I wanted to – with clients that I genuinely enjoyed getting to know, forming friendships in the photography and wedding industry, and attracting business with creative work and good, old fashioned customer service. It took years of physical and mental investment on my part, but it worked. This business is worth keeping, worth savoring, worth growing, and worth every last dollar I’ve invested into it.

It’s with a proud heart and a victorious smile that I am celebrating the 6th birthday of KMH Photography this month! To commemorate the occasion, I reached out to my lovely friend Brittney and her business partner Jeannie who recently opened Mad Batter Cafe in Henderson. Brittney is the previous owner of Cravin’ Cake Bakery and I knew her skills were a force to be reckoned with. She custom designed a glorious KMH cake and I went to her shop to pick it, blow out some candles, and say hello to the 6th and best year yet for KMH.

A view inside Mad Batter Cafe. All the gorgeous counter-tops, shelving and decorations were done by Nostalgic Furniture.

Thanks SO much to my friend Lisa from Moxie Studio for taking these shots for me! Lisa, you made me look good!

Me and Brittney, co-owner of Mad Batter Cafe, located at 709 E. Horizon Drive. If you haven’t been yet, you gotta check it out. They have to-die-for pastries, coffees, tasty lunch and breakfast dishes and the cutest ambiance.

aaaand….. if you can’t eat your cake like you’re five years old, what good is it?

KMH Photography: keepin’ it real since 2009. 🙂



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