Shalini + Chris | Las Vegas Hindu Temple | Las Vegas Wedding Photography

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Last November I had the pleasure of photographing my first Hindu wedding, which was coordinated and catered by the fabulous Mint Bistro. (Side note: If you haven’t been to Mint, go! It’s the best Indian cuisine in Las Vegas.) Shalini and Chris live on the east coast, and have family across the country and in India. The natural choice for their wedding was Las Vegas!

The evening before the ceremony, they had a lavish reception which included dinner, drinks, dancing, karaoke, henna, performances and speeches. The next morning, the group gathered again at the Hindu Temple of Las Vegas. The ceremony was about two hours and included a number of rituals. One of my favorites is shown below: Shalini, Chris and both sets of parents all held leaves in a downward pattern and the priest poured coconut milk on the leaves, creating a waterfall effect. On both days, the bright colors, jewelry, detailing and sense of unity were nothing short of amazing. Thank you to Shalini, Chris and both their families for allowing me to experience this amazing union and photograph beautiful new traditions.



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