Bridal + Fashion Wedding Shoot | Tivoli Village | Las Vegas Wedding Photography

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The Bridal Spectacular had a fabulous idea this year… take one bride and have several different photographers take pictures of her, then display one image from each photographer in a gallery at the city’s largest bridal event. I was delighted to participate in this featured gallery for the August 2011 Bridal Spectacular, especially since the bride was none other than the fabulous Laura, who not only shares my last name, but has helped me book booths at the show for the past year.

The shoot was at Tivoli Village, a super cool and swanky shopping/dining/gathering area, and what do you know, I went first! Although noon is technically not an ideal photographic light, I got the bride fresh out of hair and makeup and feeling good. (I don’t know how she did that for 9 hours straight!) Although we all shot the same model, each photographer’s unique perspective came through, just proving that we all really are offering something original and different to our clients.

Below are some of my images from the shoot – check out the other photographer’s images in the latest issue of “Spectacular Bride.”



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